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Small Business Support

Get the business support you need to succeed

When you are starting a new business, it’s important to have the right support behind you to ensure your company gets off to a great start. At In The Pink, we have a number of professionals who have years of experience in business, so we can offer you a consultation service on every aspect of your new venture.

As we understand how important cash flow management is in the initial stages of a new business, we keep our consultation fees as low as possible and commit ourselves to helping your company succeed.

We can help with:

How and where to find grants for your small business

As a new business owner, you will require substantial financial support to transform your concept from a vision into a functioning business. Even after establishing your brand, you will continue to need support in order to survive in a competitive market.

From paying staff to hiring office space, buying equipment to paying legal fees, your list of outgoings in the first few months will far outweigh your incomings. Our business consultants are experienced in all aspects of business finances and can help you gain access to a number of business grants that are available for young, fledgling businesses.

Available business grants in the UK include:

Grant for Business Investment (GBI) cover cost for purchase of key company assets, employee wages and new recruitment. Those businesses classified as part of England’s Regional Development Authorities’ assisted areas, and having stimulated business growth and urban development, benefit from GBI.

Selective Finance for Investment (SFI) In England, this is a substantial grant scheme that's provided to companies investing capital in assisted areas, that either create new job opportunities or safeguards existing employment. Companies who seek this grant must explain how the grant will facilitate project procedures in UK, and identify the grant amount required for project.

Research and Development (R&D) Small Business Grants are provided for research on new business ideas, and continued research on and development of existing business ideas. Funding support can be availed by businesses in England through the European Union state aid R&D tax credit and National DTI Grant for R&D.

Employment and Training Small Business Grants are organised under the Government’s Learning and Skills Council. These grants can be obtained through UK’s regional and economic development agencies for employees wanting to enhance their business skills. There are age, qualification and experience criteria requiring fulfilment before securing ‘Train to Gain’ finance.  

Environmental Small Business Grants provided under the European Union’s environmental schemes is small and region specific.

Real Estate Development Small Business Grants are provided to meet the difference between cost of project execution and end value of the project.

How to apply for a small business grant

Our business consultants can help you choose which grant is best suited to your business needs and help you with your application to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Applications for small business grants must contain the following essential features:

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