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Personal Counselling and Personalised Support

Personal Counselling professionally tailored to suit your individual needs by a counsellor who has an honours degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills from the Associated Stress Consultants.

Are you at the end of your tether? Or perhaps you are just fed up of getting a lecture every time you want to share your problems. All too often the advice coming your way is not about you but about the listener. Does your listener give you: “Well I told you shouldn’t do that”. “I wouldn’t have let that happen,” “He would never have done that to me.” These phrases are often followed by, “your going to have to do …”. What suits one person, won’t necessarily suit another. Our Personal Counselling is about supporting you whether for anxiety, depression, bereavement, family conflict, or just to unload that stress.

Personal Counselling doesn't mean someone solving all your problems for you or telling you what to do. Personal Counselling helps you to focus your problem and then to consider all your solutions within your own options. It’s YOUR problem not the problem as we see it. We are here to help you focus on YOUR solution to your problem.

We can offer counselling to suit with either one to one counselling in individual sessions or sessions via a series of e-mail communications

Using proven psychological methods you will be helped to break the problem down into bits just big enough for you to handle and allow you to take control of your own life.

It would be expected that three to four consultations would be required initially then perhaps the odd follow up session. This is known as short term counselling aiming to help you get back on track and not aimed at treating those with serious depression, anxiety or other medial conditions.

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