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Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

Our hair loss specialists have decades of experience with the cause and treatment of hair loss and can help you regain your hair and your confidence once again.

Our consultation service is committed to providing you with the expert knowledge you need to find the right treatments. Cures for male and female hair loss do exist – though they aren’t the extortionate quick fixes that you see advertised on television.

We have the knowledge to direct you to the products that provide real results over time. Although we don’t sell the treatments ourselves, we can tell you where you can find them for the best possible price.

Hair loss is only one symptom of your body’s general cellular health and especially on a substance known as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) . Too much DHT is linked to prostate enlargement, strokes, heart attacks and some forms of cancer so reducing the levels of DHT can have many more benefits than just restoring your hair.

The hair loss cures that REALLY work

We are not in business to make empty promises or sell you products that are going to break the bank and provide little or no long-lasting results – our consultants are here to offer you honest advice and point you in the right direction of hair loss treatments that are affordable and work for you.

We will manage your expectations by telling you your chances of success at the beginning, based on the information we acquire during your first consultation. Other products which promise a full head of hair in just six months are less than accurate – hair has a natural cycle of three years so some hair may show no sign of recovery for that length of time and often two cycles are required for the hair follicle to regain its full vigour.

If you are committed to restoring your head of hair and are prepared to give the right treatment enough time to work, then contact our hair loss consultants today.

What do hair loss treatments cost?

If you dismiss the unconvincing adverts that promise miracle hair growth in just a matter of months, you can focus on the treatments that really do work. Herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments are providing real results to people all over the world and the best news? They won’t break the bank.

There are two main types of hair loss treatments for DHT – firstly a lotion or application that is applied to the scalp and secondly, treatment that is taken internally.

In the initial stages of the treatment, the average cost shouldn’t exceed around £22 per month and after you are happy with your hair growth, this cost should half. To speed up the process, you can pay a little extra but the cost shouldn’t exceed more than £34 per month. If your hair loss is only mild then the costs will be minimal

Find out your success rate of hair re-growth and where to find the treatments that will help you by booking a consultation with our Homeopathic Practitioner today.

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